"Enthalpy" is a technical term in thermodynamic, technical, it means heat-content. The world of "enthalpy", is said to be formed by a prefix of "en" + a Greek verb of "thalpein", which means "to heat”, literally. The word of enthalpy gives a very close representation to Enthalpy Engineering Sdn Bhd's businesses, as an entity that deals primarily in "Heat Ventilation and Air conditioning" (HVAC) industry.

Enthalpy Engineering Sdn Bhd incorporated in year 2006, since then, we delivered Heat Ventilation Air conditioning (HVAC) and Mechnical project and services in Northern region of Malaysia. Our clients include factories in semiconductors industry, pharmaceutical industry and others. With our vast experience in Design, Project Deliveries, Operation and Maintenance, we constantly look for opportunities to serve, understand and meeting client's expectation, tried our very best to support clients business need.