Our Services

We have highly experienced technical skill personnel for Mechanical and Electrical design and installation across semiconductor industry and pharmaceutical industry. We strive to provide best service and solution to customer using the knowledge and experience of our company, rather than executing tasks. We hope to provide services that meet customer satisfaction, we hope we can give you the solution or work-around to the problem or challenge that you are facing. focus on complete life-cycle of mechanical facilities system, from initialization-of-system, sustaining-of-business until improvement-of-business, as business needs. This yield our focuses into 3 core focuses, which formed the cores of our business, i.e. 

i) Facility Project Delivery.

ii) Facility Operation Management. 

iii) Energy Efficiency.

i) Facility Project Delivery.

The focus of "facility Project Delivery", which include design and installation of facilities system. We undertake new, retrofit contract for;
  • Heat Ventilation and Air conditioning system (HVAC) system, 
  • Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical Clean-Room & Process Control room, 
  • Process/Utility Piping system such as Compressed Dry Air (CDA), Oil Free Air (OFA), Process Cooling Water (PCW), Nitrogen Gas (N2), Vacuum, 
  • Building Automation System (BAS), control and industrial wiring. 

ii) Facility Operation Management/Maintenace.

Facility Operation Management covers the 2 major elements in facility operation;
  • Facility system/equipment operation, we provide man-power and technical support to new facility startup and operation during new factory or new system start-up. 
  • Facility system/equipment servicing & maintenance, facility equipment Preventive (time-based) Maintenance and servicing. Infrared ScanningAg (IR) for electrical/mechanical hot-spot detection, Vibration Analysis (VA) for rotating equipment, Laser Alignment for shaft and pulley, and other Non Destructive Test as required.

iii) Energy Efficiency

With the growing consciousness on energy cost and more stringent control from Malaysian Energy Commission . Energy auditing and Energy Management demand has gained traction in the manufacturing industries. We are expanding to cater the needs of this area. We provide services to perform energy audit and recommend energy efficiency programs. With the enforcement of energy manager on usage exceeding average 700Kkwh per day, we also provide energy manager service to the industries who prefer to outsource this function to third party.